The Kwahu Afram Plains South District Celebrated this year’s 37th National Farmers Day at Bonkrom. 

In all, a total of Twenty five (25) gallant farmers and Fisher folks were presented awards of various categories. 


The Hon DCE, Evans Kyei Ntiri used the opportunity to congratulate all farmers for their hard work and toil to make sure Mother Ghana had  enough food to feed Her citizens and also export to other countries to boost our foreign exchange earnings.

He also advised them to make good use of modern agricultural practices in order to increase their their outputs.


Hon DCE advised the general public to restrain from the annual bushfires as we enter into the dry season. 

Cattle farmers were also advised to desist from the destruction of farms as they search for feed for their cattle to graze in the upcoming dry season. 

“The cattle ranch at wawase is stocked with feed and enough water and veterinary services throughout the year for your cattle”, he mentioned.

He further appealed to all cattle farmers to make good use of the facility in order to prevent the usual cattle-crop farmers crashes in the District. He congratulated Ghanaian farmers and wished them ayikoo.