The Kwahu Afram Plains South District Assembly has provided solar powered mechanized boreholes for four communities in the district to reduce the perennial water shortages in the area.

These communities include Tease, Agyatta, Ekye Amanfrom and Maame Krobo.

Hon. George Ofori, the District Chief Executive (DCE) of Kwahu Afram Plains South District Assembly has informed the media and his constituents that government was poised in making the living standards of the people better through social intervention programs that have been put in place.

He said since the assumption of office about 18 months ago, the priority to improve education and the health needs of the people was crucial adding that the assembly had provided 3-6- units classroom blocks with ancillary facilities for schools in Atonsu, Koranteng Krachie and Kwesi Fante.

He added that the assembly had also improve sanitation situation of the people and helping to curb the rampant open defecation by constructing a 10- seater Water Closet with solar powered mechanized boreholes at Tease, Maame Krobo and Ekye Amanfrom.

Hon. Ofori said they have also renovated a 16- seater toilet facility and bathroom and constructed bio- digester at Maame Krobo to serve the people.To provide quality health care delivery in the area, he said the assembly had constructed a CHPS compound at Praprabebida to serve other surrounding villages.

As part of measures to improve the telecommunications connection within the district, he added that the assembly had collaborated with NITA, National Communications Authorities (NCA) and other players to erect solar powered masts to supply Mmradan and Asenyansu and their environs with telecommunications network.

These areas, he said were now hooked and the people can be reached easily on phone.

Hon. Ofori assured that the assembly would continue to improve on the standards of living of the people by carrying out developmental projects in the area.