The Kwahu Afram Plains District Assembly on Friday, 2nd December 2022 honored its hardworking and deserving farmers in a ground durbar at Ekye Amanfrom, the gateway to Kwahu Afram Plains. The event was jointly organized by the District Assembly and Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) division in the District. This year’s celebration was dubbed “Accelerating Agricultural Development through Value Addition”. Farmer’s Day celebration is an annual celebration on the nation’s calendar to honor the nation’s hardworking and deserving farmers every first week in December each year. This year’s anniversary was graced with the exhibition of many food crops and livestock such as pepper, tomatoes, citrus, maize, cassava, plantain, yam, pawpaw, oil palm, cocoa, fish, goat, sheep, rabbit, fowl, and pig among others.

The District Chief Executive, Hon Evans Kyei-Ntiri in his submission, disclosed the agricultural potential in Kwahu Afram Plains District and stated that the area is generally endowed with rich soil which is capable of cultivating a variety of food crops. However, he explained that there are some challenges that inhibit the steady growth of farm activities in the District.

The Hon DCE, Evans Kyei Ntiri used the opportunity to congratulate all farmers for their hard work and toil to make sure Mother Ghana had  enough food to feed Her citizens and also export to other countries to boost our foreign exchange earnings.


Again, he advised farmers and the general public to increase and invest more in farming to increase productivity since more food may translate into more money, more resources and invariably a better standard of living.