The Kwahu Afram Plains South District Assembly on Monday 18th October, 2021 participated in this year’s MMDA’s Regional Budget Hearing held at Kwahu South Municipal Assembly.

A team led by the Honorable District Chief Executive Hon. George Ofori 

the Presiding member, Hon Evans Kyei Ntiri, the District Coordinating Director, Mohammed Mumuni, Nana Adu Parko II, Dist. Directors of Education, Health, Agric, the District Social Welfare Officer, Works Department, District Finance Officer, Dist. Budget Analyst, Dist. Auditor, Dist. Procurement officer, Human Resource Manager represented the District Assembly.

The DCE opened the meeting by introducing the team members and later handed over to the District Budget Analyst.


Presenting the Kwahu Afram Plains South District Assembly composite budget for 2022, Ibrahim Alhassan, the District Budget analyst commenced by briefly highlighting the state/profile of the District i.e the performance of the District in-terms of Agriculture, Education, Tourism, infrastructure, health, transport etc.        

He further elaborated on the Districts Financial performance as in expenditure by departments where he gave all the expenditure performance and their funding sources. 


He also touched on the key performance information for the budget programmes where he  briefly highlighted on the economic deliveries of the assembly in the past years. 

On finance, he gave out the 2021 key projects and programs from various sources i.e projects undertaken in the district, the amount budgeted, the actual payments as at July 2021 and their outstanding payments.

Furthermore, he touched on the Sanitation Budget for Liquid and Solid Waste and gave out their actuals as at July 2021. 


The DBA also gave out the budget and their actuals at August 2021 for the implementation of various Government flagship programmes undertaken in the district i.e Planting for Food and Jobs, Planting for Exports and Rural Developments, Rearing for Food and Jobs and provision of logistics for successful implementation of Free SHS Programmes.

On MMDA Adopted Policy Objectives for 2022, Ibrahim Alhassan gave out the areas that the district will be focusing on i.e Agriculture productivity, Education and Health, and gave out the assembly’s policy objectives and their budget allocated for each focus area. 

He also touched on various Government Flagship programmes that the assembly will support, their budget and their funding sources.

Moreover, he outlined the 2022 revenue projections from all sources i.e IGF, Compensation Transfer, Goods and Services Transfer, Assets Transfer, DACF and other transfers. 

He further gave out 2022 Expenditure Projections by Economic Classification. 

He again gave out the items i.e Compensation, Goods and Services, and Assets with their projected budgets for 2022.

Closing his presentation, he presented a summary of the Expenditure Budget by Department and their Funding Sources and also outlined the Projects and Programs, their Corresponding Cost and Justification respectively for the year 2022.

The meeting ended successfully with questions being asked and addressed by the committee hearing the budget and team members respectfully.  

This meeting is in line with Regulation 17(3) of the PFM Regulations, that a Regional Budget hearing which will afford the RCCs with support from the National Teams, the opportunity to review the MMDA’s revenue and expenditure performance and the targets set for 2022 – 2024 taking into consideration Government Policies and Strategies as well as the 2022 – 2024 Budget Preparation Guidelines issues by the Ministry of Finance.